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CLARITY was retained by the harried owner of a small advertising and public relations agency to help determine how the firm could grow to take advantage of the many opportunities the market was presenting and how to help him become more time efficient. His efforts to attract and retain professionals had met with failure and he believed that his organization and business practices needed to be reviewed by an outsider. We agreed on a 60-day engagement for a fixed fee.

CLARITY's initial interviews revealed three general problem areas that needed addressing: confused and/or misunderstood roles; inefficiencies stemming from duplication of duties; and the unavailability of the owner at key times to make necessary decisions.

Due to CLARITY's recommendations and implementation, within 18 months the agency tripled its volume and had almost tripled its professional staff.

While this engagement was not a large one, it presented a number of challenging issues, the most difficult of which was to deal with the interpersonal dynamics between a husband and wife in a highly stressful business setting. We consider this one of our most successful professional interventions.