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Executive Management, Development, and Recruitment

CLARITY's consultants are experts in organizational dynamics...

To complement CLARITY's succession planning market niche, the firm offers a wide variety of interventions to help senior level managers and executives hone their skills and effectiveness. Through one-on-one professional counseling and coaching, team-building activities, and individual and group assessments CLARITY's clients realize the benefit of advice and assistance from professionals who actually have served at the highest levels of decision making and can relate to the unique roles that executives play. It is that special kind of experience that causes CLARITY to be called upon to assist organizations, particularly when issues involving their upper level managers and executives, including unanticipated vacancies, are involved.

When an organization experiences the unplanned loss of its chief executive, it can trigger a number of dynamics that can be seriously detrimental to business. The reporting structure can break down; an intense jockeying for position may ensue; conflicts among members of the organization's governing board may arise; and focus on the mission may be lost. To minimize those negative effects, it may be advisable to choose interim executive leadership while the process to retain a permanent chief executive runs its course. CLARITY has on several occasions provided its senior consultants to fill such interim roles, particularly for public agencies. CLARITY's consultants are experts in organizational dynamics and understand what is necessary to ensure a smooth operation during stressful times.

Frequently, interim management will lead to providing assistance recruiting a new chief executive. Wading through resumes and attempting to break through the interview facade to the "real" candidate is a complex process. Selecting the wrong candidate means money wasted and beginning the process anew. Letting an expert who is equipped with tools and candidate filtering systems will save time and money and ultimately provide you with the most qualified candidate. CLARITY is that expert.