Public Sector



In addition to its commercial client base, CLARITY has a major market focus on public agencies. We appreciate the special constraints of public stewardship that are placed on government organizations, public boards, and commissions and understand in depth the distinction between policymaking and operations. It was that unique experience and insight into government that in 1998, persuaded the Las Vegas - Clark County Library District to hire CLARITY's Senior Consultant, Carl Rowe to act as the Managing Agent of the District, helping to resolve some serious internal problems and recruit a permanent Executive Director. Later, CLARITY conducted similar engagements for both the Clark County and Las Vegas Housing Authorities. We continue to work with public sector clients on a variety of assignments, including executive development and team building, conducting organization and management reviews, facilitating meetings and retreats, and general troubleshooting. Our public clientele includes agencies at all levels; however we have developed particular expertise in the Public Housing field, owing to Carl, having served as a Public Housing Authority Executive Director on two separate occasions.


With the often-close resemblance to public agencies, CLARITY's broad public sector experience also has served us well in our work with the non-profit community. Initially stemming from a strong commitment to community service within both our firm and our affiliate, Fair, Anderson & Langerman, CLARITY provided a variety of services for non-profits on a pro-bono basis. As the demand increased, ranging from reviewing the effectiveness of their boards of directors and developing strategic plans we took steps to add non-profit consulting to our niche industry service offerings. The firm has worked with some of the largest non-profit organizations in Southern Nevada.