Marketing and Client Relations

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Marketing programs can become stale, especially if you have an in-house marketing staff. One option is to enlist a marketing agency, which in some cases makes sense. However, often the fix is simply calling on another marketing professional to asses your marketing programs and work with your existing marketing team on fresh strategies and approaches. In the world of marketing oftentimes the best solution is introducing a fresh perspective to encourage creative juices to flow in new directions.

Customer Surveys

Surveying customers should be an institutional practice. Too often, however, it is neglected for a variety of reasons. Sometimes there is fear associated with feedback; other times there is no one at the company with whom customers feel comfortable providing honest responses. Whatever the reason, CLARITY conducts third party surveys on behalf of its clients or simply can help institutionalize a process and provide appropriate tools for you to get the job done. If you do not have a survey process in place, you are neglecting a powerful client relations tool and probably missing out on valuable information that can make your business better.