Critical Engagement — National Manufacturer and Recycler

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A National auto parts manufacturer and recycling company hired CLARITY to help it refine its organization and management structure and evaluate its workload and positions. We were also asked to develop formal position descriptions for each of the company's employees. The owners of the company, brothers, who are co-presidents, felt that their respective operations (one in Chicago and one in Las Vegas) were not as efficient or profitable as they should be. They suspected that there was a good deal of overlapping responsibility and duplication of effort. They also believed that the company's top managers (themselves included) should begin working more as a team and that the company needed greater management depth and backup for the key positions. We agreed on an open-ended engagement with meetings every two months to benchmark progress

When we began working with them in 1997, the company's gross revenues totaled around $8 million with a net profit of about 4%; this past year revenue was at almost $25 million and the net profit had increased to 7%. They attribute much of that growth to our efforts.

We have a continuing relationship with this client to help monitor individual progress on the staff and management development plans and we often serve as mediator for the brothers guiding them through critical management decisions. In addition, we continue to work with them at quarterly and annual meetings.